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The WelderDestiny Compass is the e-zine for WelderDestiny. In this e-zine we explore current trends in technology and society, and try to anticipate how these will impact the world of the Welder.

In particular, we address the following three broad areas within the e-zine:

  • General principles and trends within society.
  • Technological trends.
  • How the broader societal trends and technological trends could impact the world of the Welder.

On this page we give a short summary of each edition of The WelderDestiny Compass. If you want to read the full e-zine, then click on the associated link.

The Gartner Hype Cycle: This is a good summary of emergent technologies and their time to general acceptance. - Acknowledgement to Gartner for the image.

Future Vision - Another Way to Access This Information

Over time we will be covering our topics in an ever expanding manner. Pretty much like assembling a puzzle. This means that we will be building on previously explored concepts to continually form a clearer picture of how the machine era will impact society, and the Welder in particular. To facilitate subsequent reading of these topics, I will also construct web pages that aggregate the individual subjects together.

If you are interested in only looking at specific subjects, then you can go to the Future Vision page by clicking here. 

Issue #001 - Artificial Intelligence And The Welder - December 30, 2016

Contents for Issue #001:

  • Welcome
  • Rise of the machines and the commoditization of engineering: A great deal of the tasks presently done by engineers and artisans, such as Welders, will be automated and supplied in a modular form. Many forms of engineering will no longer be a creative process, but rather the modular application of past solutions. In this process, machines will replace many humans.
  • The rise of artificial intelligence (AI): Artificial intelligence is a major area of development for many of the biggest technology companies. The promise of affordable and personal artificial intelligence appears to be just around the corner. This will significantly change society when most people will have their own AI's, much like they have their own smartphones at the moment.
  • The Welder and artificial intelligence: If personal artificial intelligence becomes common place, then all professionals will use them to increase their productivity. This dynamic has the potential to preserve Welder jobs under certain circumstances.

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Issue #002 - Machine Learning Vision Systems - January 11, 2017

Contents for Issue #002:

  • The journey to the future starts within.
  • “Self-Interest” drives the world and shapes the future: All individuals and groups tend to favour their own self interest. When individuals or groups with large spheres of influence act in their own self interest, they can have a great influence on deciding which technologies are easily introduced, and which technologies will struggle to find acceptance.
  • Machine learning vision systems: Till now, machine learning through vision systems have been rather primitive. This is starting to change with systems based on neural network computer chips.
  • The Welder and machine learning vision systems: If we introduce the machine learning vision systems into personal artificial intelligence systems, then automated welding systems will become much more adaptive, and Welders out in the field can be supported through inspection and quality control activities.

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Issue #003 - The Internet Of Things and the Exacta-Bet - January 18, 2017

Contents for Issue #003:

  • Deterministic thinking may be limiting you.
  • Is the exacta-bet principle tripping you up? When we make a sequence of predictions where the outcome of one prediction serves as the input to the next prediction, we very quickly start stacking the statistical odds against ourselves. This is the "exacta-bet" effect.
  • The internet of things (IoT): The internet of things is a term to describe the network of internet connected devices. We explore how this can change our society.
  • How the internet of things could impact the world of the Welder:  Welding power sources used by many automated and robotic welding systems are already connected to the internet, but what are the possibilities for field welders when their equipment and artificial intelligence "assistants" are connected to the internet?

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Issue #004 - The Sharing Economy & Utopian or Dystopian Future Part 1 - January 25, 2017

Contents for Issue #004:

  • Utopian or Dystopian Future - Part 1. Will we end up in a society that resembles a never-ending holiday, were we can just laze around while the "robot slaves" do all the work, or will we end up in a society where the majority are nothing more than slaves looking after the top 1%? We start exploring this important topic.
  • The Nature of Money: One of the most important starting points in deciding if we are heading to utopia or dystopia, is to understand what money is, and what it is not.
  • The Sharing Economy: How is it possible that internet companies that help people to share their own belongings or time can suddenly be worth so much money?
  • The Welder in the Sharing Economy: Is it possible that this business model could sweep through the world of the Welder?

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Issue #005 - Bitcoin and Blockchain & Utopian or Dystopian Future Part 2 - February 01, 2017

Contents for Issue #005:

  • Utopian or Dystopian Future - Part 2. We continue exploring if the future is likely to be utopian or dystopian in nature.
  • Money Flows: By understanding how money flows through the economy, we can start to see whether a utopian or dystopian future is more likely.
  • Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology: Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin will not only influence the future of money, but the underlying blockchain technology has the potential to influence many other areas of our lives as well.
  • Blockchain and the Welder: The blockchain technology has the potential to influence a number of areas of a Welder's future role as well.

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Issue #006 - Nichetopia is the Future of Engineering - February 08, 2017

Contents for Issue #006:

  • Utopian or Dystopian Future - Conclusion: We reach our conclusion regarding whether the future will be utopian or dystopian.
  • Effect of Debt on the Economy: Debts help with wealth generation, but they also lead to economic crises. We speculate that the next credit crisis could lead to a new monetary order.
  • No, it is Nichetopia: We put together all our evidence and conclude that the future will be neither utopian nor dystopian. Instead, it will be Nichetopian!
  • The Welder in Nichetopia: We explore how the Welder would fit into this Nichetopian future we are anticipating.

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Issue #007 - Virtual Reality in Welding - February 15, 2017

Contents for Issue #007:

  • Embracing the Future: When our jobs are threatened by automation, the natural reaction is fear. However, for salvation, we need to move beyond fear.
  • Man Doing a Machine's Job: Sometimes changing our perspective on a problem helps us overcome the problem. Instead of asking whether a machine is going to do your job, ask whether you are doing a machine's job?
  • Virtual Reality: Virtual reality is getting big in gaming, but it is also moving into welding. We also discuss what augmented reality is.
  • Augmented Reality and the Welder: We integrate our vision for the future of the Welder with the promise that augmented reality provides.

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Issue #008 - Sensors in Welding - February 22, 2017

Contents for Issue #008:

  • Managing Risk: Life is a risky business! We spend a lot of time trying to reduce our risks.
  • Uncertainty in Engineering: The greater the uncertainty in engineering, the greater the factors of safety need to be during the design. Reducing uncertainty can result in much more efficient designs.
  • Welding is a High Uncertainty Operation: Few operations in engineering introduces more uncertainty than welding. Large efficiency gains are possible if we can reduce uncertainty in the welding operation.
  • Reducing Welding Uncertainty with Sensors: We start looking at sensors and technology that could provide us with real time chemical analysis of the weld.

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Issue #009 - X-Ray Vision is Coming - March 01, 2017

Contents for Issue #009:

  • Automation is Scary, but Technology is Cool: While we may be afraid of automation taking away our jobs, the technology that is coming is going to make this world a really cool place. You are going to want to be there to see it!
  • Work Does Not Equal Job: As jobs are replaced by machines, we need to cultivate a mindset like an entrepreneur. We need to develop our own niche.
  • A Transparent World: Modern imaging technologies in many industries allow us to "see" inside opaque objects. This trend will only increase in the coming years.
  • The Welder with X-Ray Vision: Technologies such as ultrasonics already allow us to generate 3 dimensional views of the inside of welds. Laser ultrasonics could allow us to do this in a non-contact environment in real time.

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Issue #010 - Google is Selling You - March 08, 2017

Contents for Issue #010:

  • Technology Enables, but Information Platforms Empower: Technology enables progress, but the real value is added when we develop platforms that can aggregate data collected as a by-product of the technology, and then develop products based on that data.
  • Economic Rent - The Window on the Economy: The concept of economic rent is seldom discussed in the media, but it is central to understanding how value is created and destroyed within the economy.
  • Google is Selling You: So, what is Google's product? Is it search? Is it information? No, it is you.
  • The Welder as Data Source: As technologies get into the hands of Welders, they start becoming the drivers of value into the welding information platforms.

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Issue #011 - The Answer is 42 - March 15, 2017

Contents for Issue #011:

  • The Answer is 42: The future of education and training is about enabling people to ask the right questions, rather than about having the right answers.
  • Google Already Has All the Answers: In a world where all the answers are available to everyone, knowing the answer is no longer giving you an edge.
  • No Child (or Adult) Left Behind: Self-directed learning with the support of artificial intelligence is the way of education in the future.
  • Welders Ahead of the Curve: Many Welders are already on a self-directed training path, but a broader skill base will be needed in the future.

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Issue #012 - The Special Process - March 22, 2017

Contents for Issue #012:

  • From Uncertainty to Predictability: Technology, economics and human nature will conspire to increase the amount of data available in the world of welding. This will reduce the unexplained variability we so often see in welding.
  • An Uncertain World: The latest research so often seems to contradict what we accepted as facts. What is this telling us?
  • Special Process: Welding is treated as a special process. What is a special process anyway?
  • Welding in a Data Rich Future: As more and more real-time welding data is collected, this will change the way we qualify and control welding in the future.

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Issue #013 - Just Do it - March 29, 2017

Contents for Issue #013:

  • Just Do It: Predicting and anticipating the future has no meaning if it does not lead to actions right now.
  • Future Vision, Current Action: Look for the current opportunities around you, because now is the only time when you have any power.
  • Welding Power Source: In the last decade there have been a number of significant advances in welding power sources.
  • Welding Power Sources of Tomorrow: As technologies such as artificial intelligence becomes readily available, the full potential of modern power sources will be unleashed.

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Issue #014 - The Interview - April 05, 2017

In the last 13 weeks, we have covered a lot of ground surrounding the future job of the Welder. Maybe you are getting to an information overload state by now.

This week we slow down, take a breather and go over some of the concepts we have previously discussed.

A great opportunity to do something a little different presented itself, when a piping engineer friend of mine asked if he could do an interview with me regarding some of the topics that we have dealt with here in The WelderDestiny Compass.

I have never done anything like that before, so when Martin Blackman asked me for the interview for his website: Brownfield Integrity, I was quite excited to give it a go.

The first part of the interview is now posted on the brownfieldintegrity.com website. It is a good summary of many of the concepts, so I urge you to take a listen.

Click to listen to the interview on the brownfieldintegrity.com website...

If you would like to give some feedback on the interview, then please send me an e-mail with your ideas, (Send your e-mails to: compass@welderdestiny.com)

Issue #015 - Codes and Standards Everywhere - April 12, 2017

Contents for Issue #015:

  • Codes and Standards Everywhere: Do we really need all the codes and standards?
  • Standards - The Role: Why there is indeed a need for codes and standards.
  • Standards - The Problem: The processes whereby standards are established and reviewed are flawed.
  • Welding Standards - Moving Forward: We speculate on better ways of establishing and reviewing standards.

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Issue #016 - Ultimate Freedom - April 19, 2017

Contents for Issue #016:

  • The Ultimate Human Condition: Freedom is the ultimate human condition.
  • Regulation by Government: Does government regulation free us or enslave us?
  • Regulation by Commercial Organisations: Industry regulation does not have a great history of freeing the ordinary guy.
  • Democratisation of Regulation: The technology to democratise regulation is available. Is it feasible to go down this road?

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Issue #017 - The Equalizers - April 26, 2017

Contents for Issue #017:

  • A Changing Economic Model: Technology changes have the potential to change economic models.
  • Robots - The Great Equalizers: Robots will equalize the labour market.
  • Decentralized Manufacturing: The widespread adoption of cheap, flexible robots has the potential to decentralize manufacturing.
  • Decentralized Manufacturing and the Welder: In an economy of decentralized manufacturing, the need for contract based welding services for miscellaneous production and maintenance activities may increase significantly.

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Issue #018 - Ineffective Economic Measures - May 03, 2017

Contents for Issue #018:

  • New Economy - New Measures: The current measures of economic activity will not accurately reflect the new machine age economy.
  • Making Measures Ineffective: Even today, many organisational measures are ineffective due to manipulation.
  • Ineffective Economic Measures: As the machine age becomes a bigger reality, current economic measures will become more and more ineffective.
  • Implications for Welders: The changes in the economic model will result in changes to the way we are taxed, and the need for constant learning.

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Issue #019 - Blockchain - Brace For Impact - May 10, 2017

Contents for Issue #019:

  • Technology Moving Fast: Current adoption of new technologies is happening at an ever increasing pace.
  • The Blockchain Revisited: Even though we discussed blockchain technology less about 3 months back, we already need to update on the progress.
  • Embracing The Blockchain: New dynamic platforms for implementing intelligent blockchain applications have already reached commercial maturity.
  • Blockchain For The Welder: Logistics and other platforms have been unveiled in the first wave of intelligent blockchain applications that will impact the Welder.

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Issue #020 - The Interview Part 2 - May 10, 2017

I am currently on holiday in Sunny Bali, so it is very fortuitous that my friend Martin Blackman has uploaded the second half of the interview on his website:

Brownfield Integrity.

If you are interested in piping issues, then make sure that you check out Martin's website.

To listen to that recording, please follow the link below:  

Click here to listen to the interview on the Brownfield Integrity Website...

I will be back with the regular beat next week. Now for another quick dip...

Yours in welding  

Niekie Jooste

Issue #021 - Job Shortage - What Job Shortage? - May 24, 2017

Contents for Issue #021:

  • Mixed Messages Everywhere: Some people predict that humans will have no jobs, while other people predict that there will be a shortage of workers. What gives?
  • The Dichotomy of Demographics: As the demographics of society changes, with a greater percentage of people being retired, the dynamics of the job market will change.
  • Not All Work or Workers Are Equal: It is very possible to have both unemployment and not enough people to do the available work.
  • Welder Jobs And Demographics: Let's look at how the changing demographics may affect the Welder of the future.

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Issue #022 - A World in Chaos - May 31, 2017

Contents for Issue #022:

  • A World in Chaos: With all the terror attacks and other examples of people acting with disregard for others, it looks like the world is becoming more uncivilized.
  • Defining Civilized Behaviour: Historically uncivilized behaviour has actually been more of a norm than civilized behaviour, but what is civilized behaviour in any case?
  • Trust and Centralized Societies: As societies urbanise, we are forced to deal with people we do not know. How do centralized societies deal with these trust issues?
  • Technology of Trust: We explore the requirements of a technological platform that can provide a basis for trust between people that do not know each other.

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Issue #023 - Are You Average? - June 07, 2017

Contents for Issue #023:

  • Beware - Statistics Ahead: Statistics are often misunderstood, but mixing statistics with human nature can be a recipe for disaster.
  • Some Statistical Thinking: Something as simple as an average value can be misunderstood and misconstrued.
  • Statistics and Human Nature: What are the pitfalls of applying statistical principles to people?
  • Welding as a Statistical Process: If you think that welding procedures are black and white, think again. There are many shades of grey hidden in those boring looking pages.

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Issue #024 - The Primary Essential Variable - June 14, 2017

Contents for Issue #024:

  • Let's Talk Welding: So far we have looked at how the future could impact welding. Now let us get prepared for that future technically.
  • Welding Process as Primary Essential Variable: Most codes use the welding process as the basis for listing the other essential variables.
  • The Common Problems: Regardless of the welding process used, we always need to solve these problems.
  • Welding Process Categories: We form a basic picture of welding processes, by categorising some key features.

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Issue #025 - Base Metal Essential Variable - June 21, 2017

Contents for Issue #025:

  • Base Metal Type as Essential Variable: Each type of metal has very distinct properties, including how they respond to welding. It therefore makes sense that the base metal would be an essential variable within the welding codes.
  • Material Grouping in Welding Codes: We explore what the main grouping parameters are in the welding codes.
  • Chemical Composition Grouping: The broadest range of grouping in chemical composition will be based on the particular "alloy system" that is being welded.
  • Thermo-Mechanical Treatments: Different thermal and mechanical treatments of metals can result in different responses during welding.

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Issue #026 - Leadership Simplified - June 28, 2017

Contents for Issue #026:

  • Leadership is Central to Success: One of the most important factors for success in any organisation, from the one man business to the multi-national corporation, is leadership.
  • Why is Your Work Important: The first aspect of leadership is to let people know why their work is important.
  • How Can We Support You: This second point is about empowerment.
  • How You Are Going: The third leadership point is all about feedback and encouragement.

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Issue #027 - A Bigger Threat Than Technology - July 05, 2017

Contents for Issue #027:

  • The Edge For Future Business: If most skilled professionals such as welders will be small businesses in the future, then what edge can we get to help our business?
  • Technology Disruption Feared: All businesses fear that some new technology will disrupt their business model or market. Is technology the bogyman?
  • Only Customer Supported Technology Works: Technology for its own sake does not benefit a business. It needs to benefit your customer.
  • Be Customer Centric: If a business is customer centric, then the probability of success increases significantly.

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Issue #028 - The Chinese Consumer is Coming - July 12, 2017

Contents for Issue #028:

  • The Economic Clock Turns: In economic terms, today's problem is tomorrows solution. The world does not stand still.
  • Growth of the Chinese Middle Class: Within 5 years, the Chinese middle class will be twice the size of the American population. This will have huge implications.
  • Impact on Developed Economies: For the past few decades, China impacted negatively on jobs and wages growth in developed economies, but this will change when China's appetite for foreign goods and services boom.
  • Impact on Welding Industry: Welders build the world. When our local economies need more facilities and construction, the welding industry benefits.

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Issue #029 - Metal 3D Printing - July 19, 2017

Contents for Issue #029:

  • Additive Manufacturing Dead Ahead: Metal 3D Printing appears to be moving towards wider adoption, meaning that it will certainly have an impact on business and business models.
  • Metal 3D Printing Current Technology: We look at the current leading technologies for metal 3D printing.
  • Job Impact of Metal 3D Printing: We consider the potential impacts on the jobs market of the wider adoption of metal 3D printing.
  • Welding Industry Impact of Metal 3D Printing: It sounds like a technology that eliminates joining will be bad for welding, but is that really the case?

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Issue #030 - The Cloud & The Edge - July 26, 2017

Contents for Issue #030:

  • The Cloud & The Edge: We have discussed cloud computing in passing, but we need to place it within the context of the wider world of computing.
  • Where Edge Computing Fits In: Networks are not fast enough to do everything. A lot of processing power is needed at the edge of the network.
  • Where Cloud Computing Fits In: The cloud is not going to be replaced any day soon.
  • The Cloud & The Edge in Welding: In the future, the human Welder will be part of the whole automated scenario, using both edge and cloud computing.

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Issue #031 - Eddy Current Testing In The Machine Era - August 02, 2017

Contents for Issue #031:

  • Eddy Current Testing Makes an Impact: In the early days ECT was sketchy at best. Now it is a serious contender for future automation.
  • Capabilities of Eddy Current Testing: So, what can ECT do for me?
  • Important Eddy Current Testing Progress: We explore some of the main advances in ECT.
  • Future Eddy Current Testing Integration With Welding: A future is envisaged where ECT is integrated with artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

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Issue #032 - Staying Relevant- August 09, 2017

Contents for Issue #032:

  • Losing Relevance is Fatal: The on-line retail industry has decimated some bricks and mortar retailers. If you lose relevance due to changing technology or business models, it can be fatal.
  • External VS Internal Change: When the world around you changes faster than you do, you will no longer stay relevant in your job or business.
  • Relevance is a Choice: Staying relevant involves choosing to stay relevant, and gaining the skills to successfully change.
  • Be Timeless: Anchor yourself to those aspects that will probably never change.

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Issue #033 - Cryptocurrency Explosion - August 16, 2017

Contents for Issue #033:

  • Cryptocurrency Explosion: With over 900 cryptocurrencies currently on the market, what is going on?
  • Are Crypto's Even Money?: Can zero's and one's on a computer really be money?
  • Why More Than One Cryptocurrency?: Does it even make sense to have more than one cryptocurrency? What will we do with 900?
  • Cryptocurrencies And The Welder: Future blockchain based applications may require us to pay in their cryptocurrencies if we want to use their application.

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Issue #034 - Green Welding - August 23, 2017

Contents for Issue #034:

  • Welding, an Energy Hungry Process: Is it even possible to be environmentally friendly when you are operating an energy hungry process like welding?
  • Legislative Risks: We need to get ready for a world in which petrol and diesel engines are banned.
  • Battery Welding Systems: Looking at plausible battery powered industrial welding systems.
  • Wireless Welders: Is this science fiction welding paradigm possible?

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Issue #035 - Drones In Maintenance - August 30, 2017

Contents for Issue #035:

  • Drones Everywhere: Aerial drones have exploded in popularity in the last few years. Not only are they popular in recreation, but also in industrial applications.
  • Monitoring and Inspection: Monitoring and inspection is a natural application for aerial drones, but many of these applications are just starting to be explored.
  • The Drone Advantage: We consider the reasons why drones are gaining popularity in industrial applications.
  • Drones In Welding: It looks like technology still needs to advance before this becomes mainstream.

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Issue #036 - The Majority is Always Wrong - September 6, 2017

Contents for Issue #036:

  • The Majority is Always Wrong: When we want to outperform, we cannot be part of the herd.
  • A Winning Mindset: To outperform, we need a winning mindset.
  • Collision Course With the Future: When you collide with the future, will the collision be a destructive event, or an opportunity?
  • Expand Your Horizons: To win big in the new machine age, we need diverse skills. We need to expand our horizons.

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Issue #037 - Help With Heat Input - September 13, 2017

Contents for Issue #037:

  • Welding Heat Input: We take a look at why it is important to control the welding heat input.
  • Heat Input Defined: What exactly is the welding heat input?
  • Why Control Heat Input?: There are a number of different reasons to control the heat input.
  • Controlling Heat Input In The Field: It is rather difficult to control the welding heat input out in the field, but we have a smartphone app that can help!

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Issue #038 - US Dollar Under Threat - September 20, 2017

Contents for Issue #038:

  • US Dollar Under Threat: The position of the US dollar as the world's reserve currency is under threat.
  • The Reserve Currency Advantage: The country that has the world's reserve currency has a huge advantage.
  • China's Moves: The first threat for the reserve currency status of the US dollar comes from China.
  • Crypto's Moves: The second threat to the reserve currency status of the US dollar comes from an unlikely partnership of cryptocurrencies and the IMF.

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Issue #039 - Centralised VS Distributed Platforms - September 27, 2017

Contents for Issue #039:

  • Centralised Platform or Distributed Network: Will centralised data aggregation platforms or distributed network systems prevail?
  • Centralised Platform: We consider the advantages and disadvantages of centralised data aggregation platforms.
  • Distributed Network: We consider the advantages and disadvantages of distributed ledger systems.
  • Centralised VS Distributed in Welding: We look at where these systems could possibly fit into the welding industry.

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Issue #040 - The Next Boom Sector - October 04, 2017

Contents for Issue #040:

  • Engineering a Boom: The world is in a slow growth phase. Infrastructure spending seems like a good way to boost economic growth.
  • Slow Progress: Transport technology has only improved incrementally in the last 40 years. We need a step change technology.
  • Rapid Transport: Do systems such as the Elon Musk inspired hyperloop offer the step change required?
  • Boon For Welders: With a lot of infrastructure spending on the horizon in the next decade, Welders should profit.

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Issue #041 - Moral Obligations - October 11, 2017

Contents for Issue #041:

  • Moral Obligations: Unfortunately there are many examples of technical professionals that have made the wrong decisions. What are our moral obligations to get it right?
  • External Pressure: Often external pressure leads to technical professionals making the wrong decisions.
  • Distorted Picture: Often our own distorted and limited view of the world leads us astray.
  • Lives In Your Hands: With lives in our hands, it is best not to rely on luck too much.

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Issue #042 - Economics = Human Nature - October 18, 2017

Contents for Issue #042:

  • Psychology Of Economics: Economics seem to be very complicated, but maybe it is all in our heads.
  • Steering Economies With Words: Central banks call it forward guidance, but really it is just psychology.
  • Psychology Of Inflation: There is more to consumer inflation than money printing.
  • Personal Wealth Creation And Human Nature: Why our headspace will define our personal wealth.

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Issue #043 - Kobe - Hero To Zero - October 25, 2017

Contents for Issue #043:

  • Trust Is Thin On The Ground: After so many disappointments, trust in big corporations is wearing thin.
  • Kobe: Hero To Zero: If a trusted company such as Kobelco can disappoint us, then they all can.
  • Blockchain Trust Based Systems: In the past we had no option but blind trust in big corporations. Blockchain technology has given us another option.
  • Welding Industry Path: As key players in numerous safety critical industries, the welding industry can push for the adoption of blockchain trust based systems.

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Issue #044 - When Systems Become Darwinian - November 1, 2017

Contents for Issue #044:

  • Resistance To Change: Personal resistance to change is common, but what gives rise to organisational resistance to change?
  • System To Organism: As systems become entrenched, they become organisms in their own right.
  • Darwinian Dynamics: All organisms start to live by Darwinian rules of survival.
  • Technology Has Answers: The engineering industry has the opportunity to embrace technology to assist with self regulation, but will we be able to overcome the resistance to change?

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Issue #045 - Hopelessness To Revolution - November 8, 2017

Contents for Issue #045:

  • Increase In Violence: Another week another mass murder.
  • Hopelessness To Revolution: At the centre to the increase in protests lies hopelessness.
  • The 50 Year Default Cycle: The systematic default of private debt is cyclical, and has been going on for quite a while.
  • Next Redistribution Event: What could the next redistribution look like, and what can we do to prepare?

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Issue #046 - End Of The Firm - November 15, 2017

Contents for Issue #046:

  • Reason For Firm's Existence: Why do corporations exist? Why do we not all just work as contractors?
  • Conflicting Goals: The stakeholders in corporations all seem to have conflicting goals.
  • Independent Digital Enterprise: Software platforms are being built that may act like ownerless corporations.
  • How To Respond: If this vision of the future is to play out, how should we respond in our personal capacity?

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Issue #047 - Base Metal Thickness - November 22, 2017

Contents for Issue #047:

  • Base Metal Thickness Essential Variable: Today we get back to our series on welding procedure essential variables.
  • Fusion Implications: As the quenching effect of the base metal changes, so the amount of melting of the base metal changes, impacting the amount of fusion.
  • Metallurgical Implications: The increased cooling rate associated with thicker materials also result in different microstructures.
  • Dilution Effects: Different amounts of melting of the base metal also results in different amounts of dilution of the filler metal by the base metal.
  • Qualified Ranges: We look at typical qualified ranges for different welding codes.

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Issue #048 - Another Day Another Mega-Hack- November 29, 2017

Contents for Issue #048:

  • Another Day Another Mega-Hack: We constantly hear about large organisations being hacked. Now it is Uber's turn.
  • Identity Data The Currency Of Scammers: Companies that hold a lot of personal information will always be prime targets for hackers, because scammers want to get their grubby fingers on your information.
  • Distributed Ledger Technology Helps: With DLT there is no single entry point to a lot of data like there is with normal databases.
  • Crypto Debate Sounds Like Gun Debate: Some governments want to kill "private" crypto currencies, because they are used by criminals, but these very same crypto currencies have the potential to protect us from the criminals.

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Issue #049 - Nichetopia Reimagined - December 06, 2017

Contents for Issue #049:

  • Nichetopia Is The Gig Economy : Let us revisit our version of the gig economy, that we have termed nichetopia.
  • Power Of Platforms Revisited: Our previous discussion of platforms assumed that they would always be centralised monopolies such as Google or Facebook, but the emergence of Digital Autonomous Organisations suggest that there could be another way.
  • Internet Of Things Revisited: What happens when you own your own welding data?
  • Collision Of Trends And The Welder: When we imagine a future where all of the different trends discussed above collide, then the world of the Welder of the future may look decidedly different to today.

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Issue #050 - Pulling Big Tech To The Dark Side - December 13, 2017

Contents for Issue #050:

  • Big Technology Companies The Saviours: Once upon a time, the technology companies were the heroes, but our perceptions seem to be changing.
  • Colluding With Spies, Thieves And Terrorists: If the media are to be believed, then the big technology companies are the bad guys.
  • Always About Power And Money: If we remember that all these games are about power and money, then we start to see more clearly.
  • The Dark Side Or The Good: There are no Jedi Knights or Sith Lords. Technology, like government, can be used for both good and evil.

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Issue #051 - The Revolution Gains Momentum - December 20, 2017

Contents for Issue #051:

  • Our Bold Vision: We launched The WelderDestiny Compass at the start of 2017 with a bold vision. How have we fared in this first year?
  • 2017 The Year Of Blockchain: We discussed many trends and technologies, but in hindsight, 2017 was the year of blockchain.
  • The Impact On Society: We discuss the potential impact of blockchain technology on wider society.
  • The Impact On The Welding Industry: We discuss the potential impact of blockchain technology on the welding industry.

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Issue #052 - Can Political Correctness Change The World? - January 24, 2018

Contents for Issue #052:

  • Back At Our Post: Welcome to 2018.
  • What Is Political Correctness Anyway: We try to get a better handle on what political correctness is.
  • Where Can Political Correctness Lead Society: We discuss the impact of political correctness on the wider society and political landscape.
  • The Impact Of Political Correctness On Our Jobs: We discuss how political correctness may impact our workplaces and income.

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Issue #053 - Decentralized Autonomous Organization - January 31, 2018

Contents for Issue #053:

  • The Decentralized Autonomous Organization: We have previously looked at the concept of DAO's, but today we focus on it more closely.
  • What Is A DAO?: We look at what the characteristics of a DAO are.
  • Why Would I Care?: We look at why you may want to get involved with a DAO, even if you like things the way they are now.
  • Only For Tech Heads?: We look at how we as non "techies" can get involved.

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Issue #054 - Death Of Cryptocurrencies - February 07, 2018

Contents for Issue #054:

  • The Death Of Cryptocurrencies Seem At Hand: Looking at many of the media reports, it looks like cryptocurrencies are giving their last gasps before dying.
  • Why The Push Against Cryptos?: We try to get to the bottom of the negative media image of cryptocurrencies of late.
  • Why Are They Needed?: We try to decide if cryptocurrencies are even needed.
  • What Is The Future For Cryptos?: We try to decide what a cryptocurrency economy of the future could look like.

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Issue #055 - DAO Leadership - February 14, 2018

Contents for Issue #055:

  • Decentralized Autonomous Organization Leadership: Given that DAO's are not centrally controlled, it seems like the leadership models and skills would be different to those used in current organizations.
  • The Old Model For Leadership: We look at what the best practice is for leadership currently, and how it is in conflict with the DAO model.
  • The Role Of Game Theory: We find the big contradiction, and answer to the problem within game theory.
  • Skills For DAO Leadership: We take a stab at the typical skills that would be necessary for DAO leaders.

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Issue #056 - Welding Voltage - February 21, 2018

Contents for Issue #056:

  • Talking Welding: We get back to some hard core welding concepts again.
  • Understanding Voltage In Welding: Setting the scene on what we are really talking about when we refer to welding voltage.
  • Role Of The Power Source: To understand voltage in welding, we need to understand a little more about welding power sources.
  • Power Output Implications: We look at how changes in welding voltage affects the power output during welding.

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Issue #057 - DAO Example - February 28, 2018

Contents for Issue #057:

  • Decentralized Autonomous Organization Example: We get a better feeling for how a DAO works by looking at an example of a home sharing DAO.
  • Problems With Central Platform: All centralized platforms have problems inherent with their model of operation.
  • How A DAO Solves The Problems: We look at how a DAO could solve the problems inherent with a central platform.
  • Challenges With DAO's: DAO's will have their own challenges that will need unique solutions.

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Issue #058 - Trade Wars And DAO's - March 07, 2018

Contents for Issue #058:

  • Trade Wars And DAO's: We take a look at the trade war brewing between the USA and its trading partners.
  • Drivers For Trade Wars: We consider what are the communicated and underlying reasons for trade wars.
  • Real Outcomes Of Trade Wars: We contemplate if the real outcomes of trade wars would be those communicated, or something entirely different.
  • Influence Of DAO's: We speculate on how DAO's could largely eliminate the drivers for trade wars.

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Issue #059 - Universal Basic Income - March 14, 2018

Contents for Issue #059:

  • Universal Basic Income: The concept of a universal basic income is gaining a lot of support from influential business leaders.
  • Drivers For UBI: We consider the communicated and underlying reasons for a UBI.
  • Role Of Wages And Credit: Given that a UBI is all about wages, we consider the role of wages and credit in the economy.
  • Probable End Result Of UBI: We speculate on how the introduction of a UBI could play out.

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Issue #060 - Learning From A Legend - March 21, 2018

Contents for Issue #060:

  • Stephen Hawking Tribute: In our mission to predict how the machine age will unfold, and to prepare ourselves, there are few people that can serve as greater inspiration than Professor Stephen Hawking.
  • Determination With Humour: Big goals are not achieved without determination, but success does not have to come at the cost of having a laugh at ourselves.
  • Pragmatism: By adopting pragmatic solutions to challenges, we can learn to thrive.
  • Adapt Constantly: Nobody is always right. Learn to adapt as conditions and information changes.

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Issue #061 - Heroes And Villains - March 28, 2018

Contents for Issue #061:

  • Learning From The News: In the past week or two there have been quite a number of emotionally charged news stories that intersect with topics that we have dealt with here in The WelderDestiny Compass. We try to learn by looking at them.
  • Heroes And Villains: People react differently when perceived heroes or villains are involved. .
  • Data Is Valuable: The Facebook scandal gives us a very important lesson: Data is valuable.
  • Self Interest Rules: When there are big money involved in getting technology developed, the chances are good that the technology will prevail.

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Issue #062 - Follow The Money Dummy - April 04, 2018

Contents for Issue #062:

  • Follow The Money Dummy: Today we look at the latest AI news stories, and try to "follow the money", rather than just looking at the rather odd politics playing out at the moment.
  • Artificial Intelligence In The News: A list of the AI news stories. .
  • Race To True Artificial Intelligence: In this race, the first organisation / country to develop a true AI has the potential to be the world power for the next 100 years.
  • Rethinking The Trade Wars: Maybe it is not a trade war, but an AI war.

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Issue #063 - Jobs Die - Jobs Born - April 11, 2018

Contents for Issue #063:

  • Space Industry Privatising: The space industry has been around for a while, but it was more of a drain on resources than a contributor to the world's economy. The sign that things are changing, is the privatisation of the space industry.
  • Colonising Space: The low hanging fruit for any industry is to go after the few people that can afford to pay huge sums of money to achieve a goal. Space tourism is the low hanging fruit at this moment.
  • Asteroid Mining: One of the biggest potential money spinners is asteroid mining. To get an idea of the type of money we are talking about, consider 511 Davida.
  • Space Industry And Welding: The moment large structures need maintenance and repair, then we can be certain that welding will follow.

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Issue #064 - From Wisdom To Foolishness - April 18, 2018

Contents for Issue #064:

  • Conundrum Of Complex Systems: Today we will take a brief look at what a complex system is, and why it tends to behave in rather non-intuitive manner.
  • Defining A Complex System: A complex system has components that "self organize", based on "rules". Unfortunately the rules are not fixed.
  • Models Of Limited Use: Models are of limited use if they are going to be used to actually "fiddle" with the system, because then the rules change.
  • Dealing With Complex Systems: When working with complex systems, we should understand our limited ability to engineer the outcomes we want.

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Issue #065 - Limit Of Automation - April 25, 2018

Contents for Issue #065:

  • Robot Productivity Mystery: A Swedish researcher found that the number of robots in the USA has kept increasing at a health pace, but labour productivity has been largely stagnant. We try to make sense of these robot productivity findings.
  • Economic Money Flows: I believe that if we look at money flows, we may be getting the picture of what is going on here.
  • People Don't Disappear: The problem is that the people replaced by robots still need to have an income.
  • Way Forward: What excites me is that the technologies and systems that could actually free us from a dystopian future is being developed around us as we speak.

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Issue #066 - AI Armageddon - May 02, 2018

Contents for Issue #066:

  • Sentient Artificial Intelligence: In the past we have looked at the economic results of the adoption of automation and robots, but we did not deal with the potential for the emergence of a sentient AI. Let's change that today.
  • AI Armageddon: Will the emergence of a self aware artificial intelligence spell doom for humanity?
  • In AI's ShoesSelf awareness is almost synonymous with wanting self determination, so it is logical that the AI would want to maximize its probability of survival and "freedom". 
  • Win-Win Scenario: We speculate on how the emergence of sentient AI could actually result in a win-win scenario.

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Issue #067 - Bad Banks - Bad People  - May 09, 2018

Contents for Issue #067:

  • Banking Royal Commission: What lessons can the engineering industry learn from the findings of the banking royal commission? 
  • Self Interest And Incentives: Within traditional organisations, incentives are a poor substitute for leadership, but it is certainly an easy one!
  • Banking LandscapeWhile financial institutions are still making a lot of money, the technical landscape surrounding the banking industry has started to shake and become a lot less stable in the last few years. 
  • Don't Waste A Crisis: In the spirit of never allowing a perfectly good crisis to go to waste, it seems that there could be a significant win for the banks even in this scandal.

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Issue #068 - The New Normal For Jobs  - May 16, 2018

Contents for Issue #068:

  • The Character OF Work: Most of us have grown up in a world where having a fixed job is considered "normal". This state of affairs is however not that common if we consider longer time frames. 
  • Industrialization Created Jobs: Industrialization created the paradigm of jobs. A paradigm where some other organisation was responsible for providing you with work, rather than you creating it for yourself.
  • Automation ParadigmAutomation is now synonymous with lost jobs, but something else is happening at the same time. 
  • Micro Entrepreneurship: Automation will steadily erode much of the typical manufacturing and services work. The new economy will be a marketplace where micro-entrepreneurs supply most of the specialist services.

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Issue #069 - The Value Of A Job  - May 23, 2018

Contents for Issue #069:

  • Skills For Micro Entrepreneurs: Today we start considering what skills may be important in the future automated economy. 
  • Voting And Weighing Machines: In the short term markets are linked to psychology, sentiment and supply and demand. In the long term it is all about the value that is added.
  • The Value Of A JobIt is important to understand what the real value is that a job adds.
  • Value Of A Welding Job: The service that adds the greater value will have the better probability for long term survival.

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Issue #070 - The Value Of Trust  - May 30, 2018

Contents for Issue #070:

  • Trust For Entrepreneurs: How do we know if we can trust the people or organisations that we make deals with? 
  • Aligned Interests: The best situation is where both parties win together or lose together if you are required to enter into a situation of risk.
  • Balance Of Power: Once a company has grown large enough, they can start to dictate terms to smaller parties. In general, those terms will be less favorable to the smaller parties.
  • Past History: If you go into a deal with a person or organization that has a history of being untrustworthy, then it is only reasonable that you take steps to protect yourself.

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Issue #071 - The Value Of Data  - June 06, 2018

Contents for Issue #071:

  • The Data Entrepreneur: Today we want to think about how we can be much better entrepreneurs if we can develop the skill to constantly recognise the value of data that we generate or come into contact with.
  • Data - The New Oil: Already companies like Facebook and Google are making billions of dollars selling data. In the machine age economy, this value in data will increase exponentially.
  • Democratisation Of Data: Decentralized databases will allow us to keep control of our own data, while sharing it with those we want, and making some spare change on the side.
  • Prospecting For Data: In the machine age, there is an additional skill to learn. The skill of prospecting for data.

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Issue #072 - Statistical Thinking  - June 13, 2018

Contents for Issue #072:

  • Statistical Thinking: In the machine age, the skill of statistical thinking will become more and more important as the world awash with information and data tries to distract our attention.
  • All About Variation: We live in a world with a whole lot of variation. Statistics is really just about trying to make sense of this variation.
  • Origins And Consequences: We can apply statistics to measured data, and we can also apply it to understanding the consequences of actions.
  • The Trust Issue: Looking at the world through a lens of statistical thinking will help us to decide who to trust.

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Issue #073 - Grey Is The New Black  - June 20, 2018

Contents for Issue #073:

  • More Statistical Thinking: Statistical thinking can help us make decision with better outcomes.
  • The Bell CurveI am sure that most of you would have been introduced to the Bell Curve before, but today I want to show you how to use it to help us make everyday decisions.
  • Reversion To The Mean: The flip side of the bell curve is that it shows us that if we do find ourselves in an extreme situation, then the probability of things moving towards the average or "mean" value is quite big.
  • Grey Is The New Black: Wild optimism and wild pessimism are neither good points of view in business.

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Issue #074 - Theory Of Knowledge  - June 27, 2018

Contents for Issue #074:

  • Theory Of Knowledge: Understanding the theory of knowledge can help us make decision with better outcomes.
  • Data Information Knowledge: Data leads to information, which in turn leads to knowledge.
  • Horse Race Or Beauty Contest: There are different ways in which to develop theories and make predictions, depending on the system we are looking at.
  • Knowledge In The Machine Age: Artificial intelligence and robots are seen as the big enemies coming to take our jobs away. They can also be seen as the next client base!

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Issue #075 - Fear To Passion  - July 04, 2018

Contents for Issue #075:

  • Fear To Passion: Today we try to gain motivation to not only understand how to operate in the machine age economy, but to actually look forward to it! We want to move from fear to passion.
  • Business With Purpose: We need to find a purpose in life. Once we have this, we can develop a business with purpose.
  • Rule No 1Here is my rule no 1 in life.
  • The New Fuel: In the old economy the fuels for business were fear and greed. Now, purpose is also becoming a fuel driving the new economy.

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Issue #076 - Welding Current  - July 11, 2018

Contents for Issue #076:

  • Back To Welding: This week we look at the welding current essential variable. The current is also an important contributor to the welding heat input welding essential variable.
  • How The Welding Amperage Is Measured: The current is measured in amps, and is one of the easier parameters to measure.
  • Role Of The Power SourceTo understand current in welding, we need to understand a little more about welding power sources.
  • Power Output Implications: Setting the amperage is one of the most important welding parameters to achieve different deposition rates and also penetration into the parent metal.
  • Qualified Ranges For Welding Current: We look at the typical qualified ranges for the welding current essential variable in different welding codes.

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Issue #077 - Transfer Mode  - July 18, 2018

Contents for Issue #077:

  • Transfer Mode Essential Variable: The transfer mode is a description of how the molten metal from the electrode is transferred into the weld puddle.
  • The Different Welding Transfer ModesThere are essentially 3 different welding transfer modes for the GMAW process.
  • Parameters Affecting Transfer ModeWe look at the 4 main parameters that affect the transfer mode essential variable.
  • Qualified Ranges For Transfer Mode: We look at how different welding codes deal with the transfer mode essential variable.

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