Is a more cooperative society coming?

by Nicolas Kohout
(Metz, France)

I really appreciate the comparison with open-source development methods. In my spare-time I like to read a lot of news concerning IT, software, hardware, new concepts, ... and speculate on how they might change society.

In my opinion, we really are at a crossroad regarding the way we live, and the only thing I'm quite certain of is that the way will not be straightforward, but how will it turn?
We now have the possibility to make the world less competitive and more collaborative at a bigger scale, open-source software is showing the path on a smaller scale, will we dare to take? That suppose many concepts used and abused for decades will stop working and people will have to evolve along with the society, but each and everyone of us have a little power to participate.

Wikipedia is a good example of collaborative work which is not directly sofware development, about software development the way version management softwares (like Git) works is also something to use in other fields, such as CAD but you can think of it for Laws and Regulations... And we are back at this Welder Destiny issue, right on the point.

In the field of welding, Niekie is showing a path too, making Welder Destiny a free inspiration and calling for collaboration. I'd like to make a call myself for other people to participate and help building something around Welder Destiny to continue sharing knowledge in related fields and open discussions.

What if someday welding would have his own "Weldipedia" for knowledge and dedicated Github to handle the standards? In any case, if such projects would emerge, I'd do my best to be a part of it and contribute.

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Apr 13, 2017
Technology Enables Win-Win
by: Niekie

Nicolas, I thank you for your words and sentiments. It looks like we are very much "on the same wavelength".

Technology is giving us the tools to address the issues that could previously only be addressed by laws and regulations, because it is able to introduce mechanisms for building and checking the trust factor between people that do not know each other directly.

In short, using the technology correctly enables win-win transactions between people without a restrictive regulatory framework.

Sooner or later this will come to the welding industry. Will we be taken by surprise, or will we be the one's to start guiding our own destiny?

The time of the "little guy" is here. If we, the little guys, do not embrace it, then the "big guys" will!

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