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The Welder Destiny Compass #014 - Interview
April 05, 2017

Wednesday, April 05, 2017 / Perth Australia / By Niekie Jooste

The Interview - Issue #014

In this edition of "The WelderDestiny Compass":
  • A Summary in Audio

A Summary in Audio

In the last 13 weeks, we have covered a lot of ground surrounding the future job of the Welder. Maybe you are getting to an information overload state by now.

This week we slow down, take a breather and go over some of the concepts we have previously discussed.

A great opportunity to do something a little different presented itself, when a piping engineer friend of mine asked if he could do an interview with me regarding some of the topics that we have dealt with here in The WelderDestiny Compass.

I have never done anything like that before, so when Martin Blackman asked me for the interview for his website: Brownfield Integrity, I was quite excited to give it a go.

The first part of the interview is now posted on the website. It is a good summary of many of the concepts, so I urge you to take a listen.

Click to listen to the interview on the website...

If you would like to give some feedback on the interview, then please send me an e-mail with your ideas, (Send your e-mails to:

Yours in welding

Niekie Jooste

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